In the past, present and future, it is always the same that people love people. Men, women, seniors, adolescents, and young people all love people. I read a book the French writer Stendhal’s “De l’Amour(1822)”. This means “Theory of Love” and I thought. People can get a crush on someone. It can simply be expressed as the word “like”. But “love” means you have to feel the influence of someone on your self. So someone is necessary. Once you know the true happiness of a true love, you can never return to your former self again. And love is not all that is visible. Some are invisible. They cause chemical reactions and have various effects. People feel joy, jealousy, hesitate, and sometimes awake to their motherhood because they feel someone. There are various feelings there.


“Black chair”
It seems that people’s feelings are floating by love. The feelings of love are invisible. But it does exist. Not everything is visible.


“Self control”
It’s important to control yourself when you love someone. Love is dazzling, glamorous, passionate. And love causes various chemical reactions.


I am jealous of brightness. In other words, it is brighter than myself. When I feel jealous, I can do nothing. That is, I am naked.


It’s like dreaming. But not a bad dream. There is kindness and warmth.


I feel the light. I feel warm. It is a pleasant morning.


She laughs when I laugh. I laugh when she laughs. There is a harmony with love.